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Finally Got My Teeth Fixed

For a long time now I've had to hide my teeth when I smile. As anyone who knows me would tell you, I tend to smile a lot but due to my front teeth being so unsightly, I had to learn to cover my mouth when smiling. So I decided to do something about it. As a technical manager, I decided to turn to the awesome power of the Internet. I searched for dentists in Poland. Why Poland you ask? Well I was told that Polish dental work was some of the finest in the world and with a great exchange rate as well as it being far cheaper to purchase treatment in Poland, I figured it the right place to look. Google came up with loads of flashy great looking websites, but strangely enough I was drawn towards the homely feel of which is owned and updated by a very skilled dentist called Michal Wiklinski. After the initial email contact I actually left the contact and couldn't decide if it was the right thing to do. I then noticed that a gentleman from west Cork (as I live in Ireland) had been to see Michal. I contacted him and he put my mind at rest. I got back in contact with Michal and booked my appointment with him for the 20th of June 2006. This particular Tuesday I got up at 4am and drove to Dublin airport. Flying directly in to Berlin, Michal had arranged for a driver to pick me up from the Airport. Now you might think that the 160Km drive in a taxi would cost a mint but that couldn't be further from the truth, just 25! (?18 or $32) The driver brought me directly to Michals surgery where I was welcomed by a firm handshake and a friendly smile. After 5 minutes in the chair getting a full exam, Michal took me in to his office. His surgery might be small but it's packed with the most up-to-date equipment and gadgets. One of these great gadgets is a dental camera linked to his laptop where after the exam is over, he can show you using pictures, what exactly can be done to your mouth. Michal is not a salesman! He is a dentist and therefore he offers various combinations of treatment and also tells you exactly how much this is going to cost before the treatment starts. He had given me a rough idea of the cost via email but as he will tell you, until he has seen your mouth he can't tell exactly what can and cannot be done. So the treatment. As someone who is absolutely petrified of dentists, I was nearly shaking off the chair with fear. There was no need for any worry as Michal used a state-of-the-art method of numbing the mouth. That's actually not the right way of saying it. He numbed just the area that needed work and I wasn't left feeling like my face was swollen like the elephant man. As I was in the chair for around 2 and a half hours, at no time was there any pain. The chair was comfy and Michal works with a precise method that I've never come across in any English or Irish dentist. Once the work was done and temporary caps fitted, I was taken to my hotel by taxi. Taxis in Szczecin (pronounced Sh-che-cin) are very cheap. The only down side to Szczecin is that most people don't speak English. Michal speaks perfect English but as you are in Poland and not a massive tourist area, you really can't expect people to speak a language they have no use for. If you can speak German then you're in luck. With the first visit to Michal out of the way, I had Wednesday to look around the city. The new Galaxy shopping centre is fantastic, there's some great areas of open bars and the food is good that the choice is your only problem. Thursday afternoon Michal sent a taxi to my hotel to bring me to get a full orbital X-Ray. The driver knew exactly where to go and also helped me with the language barrier. The X-Ray cost 30. Usual price for that in Ireland would be closer to 100! Once that was done, I was taken back to see Michal. This time I was just 30 minutes in the chair and before I knew it my teeth were fixed and I had a new Hollywood smile. Below is some before and after pictures.
Also, I have nothing to gain from this apart from knowing that others can benefit from the fantastic skills that Michal has. If you're looking to go to a dentist that can perform the most amazing work, then please contact me on my contact page and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about going to Poland to get your teeth fixed. Just for the record, I had a 6 unit solution. This is a permanent solution where the 3 teeth either side of center were crowned. The cost in Ireland was going to be in excess of 4500 (?3130 or $5750) but the cost in Poland was as follows:-

Ryan Air return from Dublin to Berlin 45
Taxi to and from Berlin Airport directly to Michal 50 (25 each way)
Hotel Kapitain for 4 nights 120 (30per night, single room)
Treatment Cost 1300

Total: 1515 (2985 less than Ireland)