Cruise´n Smile - Dental tourism to Germany - CAD-G

Dental treatment in Germany, especially dental implant surgery, is on a very high level. German dentists and dental technicians are well educated and highly skilled. Did you ever hear about immediate loaded implants, 3D computer navigated implantation or metal free dentistry?

For example: One regular Titanium implants including implant surgey, dentistry and lab works is available from 1.400.- EUR only. But why not thinking about full ceramic ( Zirkonium ) implants and CAD/CAM milled crowns and bridges if you have the choice.

If you are interested to learn more about CAD-G ( Centers for affordable Dentistry in Germany ), just call us here in Germany, get in touch with Brenda in our CAD-G ( DENTAL IMPLANTS ) London Office or send a mail to Heino Merten, CAD-G Germany or Friedrich Heckl to CAD-G Switzerland.

Dental Tourism to Germany, Cruise´n Smile for your perfect smile.

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